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The Anti Drug Armory on Tuesday

On Tuesday, the Anti-Drug Armory (ANF) withdrew its plea in the Lahore High Court for petitions for video records of the Punjab Safe City Authority (PSCA) and investigator's call history records (CDR) by the customs judge of the drug case. Former Attorney General Rana Sana Ulah Khan. When the judge bench led by Judge Alia Neelum petitioned the hearing, the ANF judge asked the court for permission to withdraw the plea.

Anti-Drug Armory

The bench was considered approved and withdrawn the petition. The ANF argued that the job judge should decide on matters of urgent nature only in his case. However, a special court judge for the control of drug-controlled substances (CNS) hearing the Khan case allowed two applications: the defense and summons records of the PSCA and mobile phone companies. The jurisdiction also said video and call data could be made part of the case record.

The petitioner asked the court to separately sanction the offense order passed by the offender judge. ANF ​​allegedly arrested Khan on 1 July and recovered 15 kg of heroin from his possession. FIRs are subject to death or life imprisonment or imprisonment of up to 14 years and a fine of up to 1 million rupees, pursuant to Article 9 (C) of the Drug Control Act 1997.

World Health Organization

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Health Department assured the city administration that there was no harm in providing children with Typhoid conjugate vaccine (TCV). The city commissioner told us that the WHO and Unicef ​​assured the administration that the TCV was safe and necessary for the health and safety of the child because it was considered the only way to protect the child from typhoid fever.

He said representatives from the World Organization convinced the city administration at a meeting with him. WHO Team Director Osama Mere, Dr. Saadia Farrukh, UNICEF Specialist in Immunizations, Ayesha Durrani Specialist, Director of Maneshab Siddiqui Private Schools, President of Tariq Shah Private Schools, Deputy Director of Vaccination Programs, Dr. Khalid and other senior officials conference.

The commissioner said

West deputy director informed the meeting that a child was not sick due to TCV. According to West, the child was embarrassed after receiving the vaccine and later sent to the hospital for examination. According to official sources, the president of the private school association assured the meeting participants that the association would fully support the campaign for the benefit of the children.

DG Private School told conference participants that schools known to be embarrassed by children should submit a written explanation while the action on the school began. Sources said the participants decided to continue the campaign.

They said that meeting participants further decided that they would take strict measures against schools that found obstructions and obstacles in vaccination campaigns. Sources said the meeting decided not to cooperate and to consider deregistration of schools that did not create obstacles to the campaign.

Sindh General Assembly

On Tuesday, the Sindh General Assembly session was closed on Friday because Pakistan's biggest opposition party, Pakistani-i-Insaf, was not interested, and the Treasury bench exchanged Bab from the start, left. There is little reason to proceed further. Sit on one side of the aisle to warn the chairman not to swear at each other, or warn them to use force that they have not previously chosen to exercise.

Van Demonium took root the day before the event was closed. After speaking of a surprising increase in the leader of opposition leader Freddous Shamim Naqvi, it was reported that the opposition party used the words "really inappropriate and insulting". If the dog bites of fat. As the procedure resumed on Tuesday, Secretary of State Mukesh Chaura pointed out to the opposition lawmakers, particularly the PTI, slogans: In that word?

His statement was not over yet when his opposition was up against most of them. If the dog bites, the problem is ugly in the house. The house actually saw a war on either side that ignored each other's words.

The Treasury bench expressed its slogan for Prime Minister Lim Lan Khan and received equal response from opposition from the abuse of Pakistan's People's Party leadership and Murad Ali Shah's top leader.

All of this happened after the statement of Speaker Durrani, referring to what happened on Monday. The way the divinity of this house was violated yesterday is extremely terrible and unacceptable," he said. He said that the way some lawmakers made a video of the process and sent it outside made the situation worse.

I was very sad what happened yesterday as some members were confused in the house and made a video. These clips were also sent to TV channels. Everyone is here for legislation, so don't take pictures at home, ”Durrani said.

Everyone has the right to protest, but there are certain rules that are necessary to maintain its decoration and sacredness. This protest had to be done outside the house, ”Durrani said. “No one can break the sanctity of the house in such a shameful way. It's not a stadium or a public place.

Cell phone ban threat

Mr. Durarani said there would be no option other than banning cell phones in the house if lawmakers called back in the future. He warned lawmakers to follow the rules of procedure for the house, or he had the power to take action against those who were found to have violated the law. I respect all of you. I don't want to use that power, but I don't kindly make a video at home.

Chaura called on the opposition to apologize for the inappropriate language used by the Treasury on Monday. He said everyone in the house was equally respected and the opposition party should keep in mind. Yesterday, some members threw such words that can't be repeated here.

We can move the privilege movement if we want because the problem is perfectly suited for this. They even abused our female members. The minister said that the opposition governor demanded an unconditional apology from the opposition leader for what happened on Monday.

Anarchy mentions the animal in the news that caused health problems, saying, “How will I feel when I call someone? Members of both sides said obscene words about each other. The minister insisted that no one use the word 'dog' on anyone's side, but “they did. I can prove this All of this is now part of the parliamentary record.

Prime Minister Nak B. said

The government's failure to protect people from dog bites is one of many ministers that allowed the Sinds to apologize unconditionally. The opposition leader said, “More than 180,000 people have been bitten by Sind's stray dogs. Cha Wala says he should apologize to the Pakistani people for the prime minister.

He cynically asked about the ignorance of certain lawmakers about the décor of the house and repeated his demands that the opposition leader demand an apology. Du Lani said the abuse of other members was unacceptable.

The chairman's statement further infuriated the opposition members and they began to sing “Go CM, go. The finance minister responded with a similar slogan to the prime minister.

Lawmakers in the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan did not like to speak the language of parliament in their homes and went on strike. The chair repeatedly tried to maintain the feelings, but the chaos worsened. The speaker was absent from the meeting to meet again on Friday.

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