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US President Donald Trump Told to the Reporters

US President Donald Trump told reporters he was willing to intervene, repeating his proposal to mediate the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India, but said the decision was up to the leaders of the two countries. Last month, Trump spoke with the media in the White House with Prime Minister Imran Khan, asking whether Indian Prime Minister Nawd Ramodi recently wanted to become a mediator and mediator in Kashmir. New Delhi immediately rejected.

Trump told reporters on Thursday

Trump told reporters on Thursday about India's rejection of third-party arbitration. "Did they accept the offer? No, he said: "It really depends on the Prime Minister. Khan met with Prime Minister Khan on this day, and I am well with the winners, and Khan and Mody are good people. Imagine that they can do well. But if someone wants to intervene and help them, we've talked to Pakistan to talk to Pakistan, and we have been talking about India for a long time," he said.

If I can, I will certainly intervene if I want to," Trump said. But India again rejected Trump's proposal. Indian Foreign Minister Zai Shanka met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ahead of the East Asia Summit in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday. - AP. Indian Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo told the Secretary of State that discussions on the Himalayan conflict would be only between India and Pakistan.

The two met on Friday as part of the Asia Security Forum in Bangkok. India has long rejected outside attempts to resolve disputes while seeking international help from Pakistan. If we have a discussion about Kashmir, we have delivered @SecPompeo to US officials in clear terms that we can only meet in Pakistan and only between the two countries," said Jashushanka. He and Pompeo had extensive discussions on local issues.

State Department did not comment on the Kashmir

The State Department did not comment on the Kashmir or arbitration proposal in a brief statement on the conference. Pompeo and Jaishankar said "We discussed our common will to protect the rule of law, freedom of sailing and democratic values ​​in the Indo-Pacific region. A senior US State Department official said Thursday that Trump 's proposal for a settlement of the Kashmir dispute should be viewed as a backdrop for the United States' bid to improve relations between India and Pakistan.

In a press briefing on Prime Minister Imran's visit last week, the official reiterated the US proposal that India and Pakistan could resolve a 70-year-old conflict. We admit that Kashmir was an issue between our two countries, but we acknowledge that Pakistan has an opportunity to be confident in its efforts to combat terrorism and ultimately to have a constructive dialogue.

A senior official said, It is ready to support if requested. In a joint press conference with Prime Minister Imran at the White House on July 22, President Trump said he was willing to mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir issue. If I can help, I want to be a mediator, let me know if it helps," Trump told answering questions from Pakistani journalists.

Modi Prime Minister two weeks ago

I was with Modi Prime Minister two weeks ago and we talked about this topic, do you really want to be a mediator or an arbitrator?" [Modi said] Kashmir, "Trump explained. The statement prompted the opposition party to storm India on why Modi asked the US President to act in rebellion and explain why he did it. India has demanded Trump to mediate in Kashmir, adding that India maintains its traditional position that it will not accept third-party arbitration for disputes with Pakistan.

On July 24, Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow of Trump has rejected the proposal that his boss "claimed" the allegations that the Indian Senator had requested to mediate in Kashmir. "The president does not make anything, I think it's a very rude question," he told the reporter at the White House briefing.

In a State Department briefing Wednesday, US senior officials backed Trump 's proposal, but the follow - up said that it depends on the measures Pakistan is taking to eradicate terrorism. The visit said the prime minister had the opportunity to discuss how his government could bring his vision and vision of how the US can support this effort for both sides.

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