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US Defense Secretary Donald Trump Said to North Korea

US Defense Secretary Donald Trump said North Korea conducted the weapons test on the third day for eight days, but US President Donald Trump said there was nothing wrong with the launch. North Korea, a nuclear weapons state, has refused to launch a ballistic missile test under the UN resolution and has accused members of the European Union (EU) member states of the United Nations Security Council (IAEA), but Trump, who met Kim Jong Il three times, It looked. In each case.

The Trump told reporters

When he left the White House for a rally in Ohio, I have no problem, we are very standard on short - range missiles. Kim and Trump agreed to resume the denuclearization talks at an impromptu meeting in June in the demilitarized zone that divides the Korean Peninsula, but no practical dialogue has yet begun. North Korea is angered by joint military-military exercises because it is scheduled to begin next week, analysts say the launch is aimed at boosting pressure on Washington.

But they can see negotiations are delayed by the end of the year, they said. In early hours, North Korea fired two launch vehicles on the east coast, flying about 220km (140 miles) to reach an altitude of 25km and a speed of Mach 6.9, the South Korean chief of staff said. weapon. The flight profile was similar to Wednesday 's test, and Seoul' s presidential authority said it was likely to be a "new type of short - range ballistic missile".

North Korea described the two devices launched earlier this week as "a newly developed large diameter composite launch rocket system. Last week North Korea announced that it had fired a short-range ballistic missile last week. Washington's Wilson Center, Jean Lee, said Kim Dae Jung was "bold" because of the DMZ shake-up with Trump, "and is looking for the urgency of the Korean peninsula to raise hands in the expected nuclear negotiations.

Stiff blood stains

This is Kim's answer to Trump's assertion that he does not" rush "nuclear deal negotiations. After the tensions of 2017, when the two leaders exchanged personal insults and threats of war, they witnessed a rapid diplomatic reconciliation on the Korean peninsula and surrounding areas during the past year. But the progress toward the actual denuclearization has slowed, North Korea has not yet agreed to give up its weapons, and Washington insisted that sanctions should continue.

North Korea described last week's launch as "a solemn warning to Korean war veterans," warning that negotiations could derail by Washington and Seoul refusing to withdraw their annual operations. In Pyongyang there is an "army platform" that can be tested in response to the movement, said Harry Kazianis of the Center for the National Interest. Such brinkmanship tactics will at least delay the talks until both sides can save their faces," he said.

The Pentagon said joint military exercises will be forthcoming. There are 28,500 US troops stationed in Korea to prevent nuclear weapons holders, many of them in Camp Humphreys, Pyeongtaek, the largest overseas military facility in Washington, south of Seoul. The pictures taken by North Korean state television on Thursday showed that Kim Jong - il saw the launch of the previous day as a mobile command post.

Pyongyang was only 60 kilometers from the border, so it could devastate Seoul for a long time. However, a working induction rocket system capable of protecting precision targets could pose a new threat to facilities in South Korea, such as Camp Humphreys. Analysts say the image will show several rocket launchers, but some have been largely pixelated, suggesting that North Korea is still keeping some features secret.

Trump spoke repeatedly on his relationship with Kim, and three members of the UN Security Council, Britain, France and Germany, blamed Pyongyang for testing. They urged Pyongyang to "take concrete steps towards a complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization and to engage in meaningful negotiations with the United States.

US Secretary of State Donald Trump said

He wants to get out of Afghanistan "as soon as possible" and stressed that the United States should never engage in such "mad war. We will continue to withdraw troops from Afghanistan," Trump told the C-Span TV network, "We want to get out as soon as possible. "I want to get out of this crazy war I have never been in. The US president also said his aides "are working to negotiate with the Taliban," and hoped to draw up a resolution allowing the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

On Thursday, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said the United States and the Taliban insurgents were nearing the end of the negotiations over the past eight months. He excluded the immediate truce but hoped to end the existence of foreign troops in Afghanistan. We are getting closer and closer," the spokesman told reporters on the phone of the Taliban's Doha government office.

The negotiators are finalizing an agreement on all major issues. In Washington, the State Department has agreed that Secretary of State Michael Pompeo will call Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday to "accelerate efforts to reach the end of the war. Pompeo also stressed this in a Fox News interview, adding that he hopes to make real progress in reaching an agreement to completely narrow the scope of the conflict until September.

The next step will be the start of the withdrawal of Afghanistan from the United States and its allies, including the Afghan government's involvement in peace talks in Afghanistan, he said. Earlier this week at the Economic Club of Washington, Pompei suggested that Trump want to resolve the Afghan issue before the 2016 presidential election.

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