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The US Delegation Will Arrive in Islamabad on Monday

The US delegation will arrive in Islamabad on Monday for talks with Pakistani officials, strengthening the Afghan peace talks and making the president 's visit to the country. A special US envoy to Zalmay Khaliladad also resumed talks with the Taliban in Doha on Saturday. "The Taliban is intent on compromise, and we have good deals ready," he added.

Trump Administration's Central and South Asia office

In Washington, diplomatic sources told us that Alice Wells, a member of the Trump Administration's Central and South Asia office, will come to Islamabad to negotiate Afghan relations and bilateral relations with Pakistani officials. Once the Afghan peace agreement is finalized, it will visit Islamabad. The source said that Prime Minister Eumaran Khan met with US President Donald Trump at the White House on July 22 to follow up on US-Pakistan talks that began in Washington.

They also said that if the Doha talks lead to an agreement between the United States and the Taliban, they will visit Afghanistan in September and conclude negotiations. When Trump arrived in Afghanistan, Pakistan tried to take him to Islamabad in order to strengthen the impression that relations between Islamabad and Washington are improving rapidly.

Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was found in Abotabad and since May 2011, US-Pakistan relations have been near, but the US Navy Seal team withdrew him. But when Pakistan persuaded the Taliban to have direct talks with Washington, relations began to improve at the end of last year. Since then, the two sides have held eight talks over several months, and this weekend they began another round of talks.

US, Pakistan relations met with PM

Last week, US, Pakistan relations met with Khan, who liked the new Pakistani leader at a news conference last week and was looking forward to working with him to end the longest war with the United States. Trump also expressed his desire to mediate between India and Pakistan in Kashmir at a White House press conference and repeated the offer on Thursday. He said he would definitely step in to resolve the 70-year-old conflict.

But many new discoveries in friendly relations between the United States and Pakistan are centered around the Afghan peace process. President Trump hopes to "rescue" America from this "crazy war" before the US presidential election in 2020, and hope that Pakistan will help achieve this goal. Asked if the Taliban could be trusted in the briefing, an American leader said, "I do not want to say whether they can trust. Look, history is not that good, but it does not like us very much.

He has drastically reduced the number of soldiers in the past few months and said he will now have "many advantages" in all aspects of his dealings with Afghanistan. We are more police than anything else, not our troops," Trump said, explaining why he was involved in withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan.

I said - I said it a lot - if we can win the war - we can see it as you wish - we can win the war in Afghanistan in a week. But I have no intention of killing 10 million people.I am not talking about nuclear weapons. I traditionally speak, but we will win that war in a week and I always have it as an option, I do not want to do it, "claimed Trump.

The Trump government

Trump government has decided to exempt aviation safety and space exploration technology from new sanctions imposed on Russia in connection with the extermination of former Russian spies and his daughter in England. The US State Department said Friday that the export ban announced by President Donald Trump would not be automatically applied. The sanction is presumed to have been denied the export license for items that could be used to produce chemical and biological weapons.

They also mean that international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) may deny the United States any loans or other support to Russia for Russia and prevent US banks from participating in Russian debt financing. The ban on exports and financing is part of Russian sanctions that have turned into a double agent for Russia's military intelligence chief Sergei Skripal and his visiting daughter, Yulia, in March 2018. 

The pair was unwittingly discovered on a park bench in the British city of Salisbury after being exposed to the nervous agent Novichok. They spent weeks in a deadly condition but recovered. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov took the latest sanctions, demonstrating that the Russian economy is already resistant to external constraints. Regarding public debt and corporate debt, he says, The financial system we create meets the budget and corporate needs.

One year after

The new US sanctions will take effect in September and will last for at least a year. One year after the US administration authorized Congress to certify to the State Department that it provided Russia with certain assurances that it would not use chemical weapons in the future without Russia's preparation for chemical weapons use Can be withdrawn. I paid a reward for the victims of the Salisbury attack.

The addiction to Skripal ignited the diplomatic confrontation of hundreds of envoys expelled by both Russia and the West. In addition to the Skripals, a policeman was ill, and a local man found a homebuilder with a trace of retired neuralgia after a few months was seriously sick and his girlfriend Dawn Sturgess died of accidental exposure.

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