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The Pakistani Cricket Council Said About Ahamir Sohail

The Pakistani Cricket Council is criticizing the country's cricket team to be abolished and limiting domestic top-tier structures to six teams, while its former captain, Ahamir Sohail, decides that the PCB will make major appointments such as chief selectors, captains and heads Coaches urged people to first remove those who are affecting them.

Former Minister Aamir told reporters on his visit to Dar Hockey

PCB has been considering domestic structural policies based on six provincial teams that are just a whim of one person, but it is just rhetoric because there is a new fact that Pakistan has a lot of talent, but in fact it will not work" Former Minister Aamir told reporters on his visit to Dar Hockey. Here is the Academy on Saturday. First of all, departmental teams have been formed in the past according to national policies, not governments, and to change national policies, we must discuss them through Congress," Aamir said.

Ideally, the ideas of the six teams must first be in front of the general body of the PCB and then in front of the BoG, which in the end should have been sent to the government, but [unfortunately] Unconstitutional methods are being adopted. If PCBs separate the division teams, they will no longer be running sports departments, which means they will be closing other sports teams because they are getting mileage mainly through cricket games," said the left-handed 47 One opener with 156 tests and 156 ODIs warned.

In 2004 we experimented with a 7-team form of first-class cricket, but since then the costumes have increased gradually and now we have stayed at 16 because of the demand of the public. Aamir emphasized that the system should be strengthened instead of abolishing the department team. PCB wants to change in terms of quality but does not forget that quality comes through the amount. Instead of organizing departmental cricket.

We created a Pakistani champion with the same system at the 1992 World Cup, 2009 World Twenty20, 2017 ICC Champion Trophy We need to make our current system more competitive because it is so, "Aamir recalled. On the appointment of a Managing Director on the PCB, Aamir argued that it was unconstitutional and said that the PCB constitution did not have such a post.


When you switch from the COO to MD, what does the COO do on the PCB? This means you are compromising on the issue, and for this reason I am changing the captain, chief selection or coach in the name of change Before deciding on a PCB, the PCB first asks you to calibrate yourself. After all the PCBs have appointed Mickey Arthur, Sarfraz Ahmed and Inzamam to their respective positions, where are the officials who made this promise.

They have to take responsibility, but no one will be responsible for this and compromise will be achieved" I regretted. Again, the PCB makes a committee to address the recommendations, but again, the PCB looks the same, but we will never try to learn lessons," he said. Asked if Aamir would accept the role of Chief Selection Officer for this rumor, Aamir said he would not join the PCB during the current installation process.

I want to make such a donation, but I do not make such a donation." First, if the PCB does not keep the house, there is no need to join the board to resign as a dirty system. Answering questions about replacing Sarfraz with the captain, Aamir said no one had been able to care for the reins. Who cares to replace Sarfraz?" He asked the interrogator. There is no commander in charge of the national team, who will replace Safar.

For this reason, I emphasize that PCBs must be cleaned up first. Meanwhile, Aamir praised Hockey Olympic player Tauqir Dar for maintaining Pakistan's struggling game. Amir said more people would join the noble cause, but added that unless the government sponsors sports, it will be hard to expect a future improvement. At this event, Tauqir said that the students run the academy without paying for it.

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