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Shahbaz and Bilawal Pledges to Find Those who Stabbing Supporters

The move against Mandviwala fails when most opposition senators abstain from voting. Shahbaz, Bilawal pledges to find those who stabbing supporters. Assistant Secretary Shirley said opposition members voted for the Senate's call for conscience. Senator Sadiq Sanjrani, a member of the Senate of Islamabad, has either voted against his resolution or deliberately wasted his vote as a result of the 14 seats of opposition lawmakers.

Senator showed no sign of confidence in Sen

Sanjrani's vice president Saleem Mandviwala and MQM's Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif. Raja Zafarul Haq 64 opposition lawmakers boarded the opposition to approve a move that would require unanimous motion on former President Sanjrani submitted by the leader of the opposition. But when he entered the secret ballot, only 50 of the opposition senators voted in favor of the resolution. According to the sources, five tickets that were intentionally mislabeled were declared void.

The sources said that four of these boxes were stamped on each box, one favoring a solution and the other disapproving. When the opposition party sent Mr. Sanjrani at that time, he made a close call even when he did not get three votes. 100 out of 103 attended the session and threw a ticket. Chaudhry Tanvir of PML-N, accused of holding 600,000 kanals of land in the name of his servant, is one of three absentees, including Sirajul Haq and Mushtaq Ahmad of Jamaat-i-Islami.

The three somehow spoiled the ballot and received a new ballot. They included Sanjrani, Atiq Ahmad Sheikh of MQM and Najma Hameed of PML-N. Numu Wazir of PTI and Javed Abbasi of PML-N were appointed to the polling place and showed a blank ballot box before the vote began. The Senate Chief of Staff continued to call the Senate name in alphabetical order to get the ballot before going to the polls.

Banifter Saif, who was named as the president of Dr. Arif Alvi, also took part in the vote. Delighted members of the Treasury relieved and celebrated their colleagues after the chairman announced his intention to deny the required number of resolutions. The presiding officer went out of the house and told him to keep his courtesy and celebrate.

Later, a leader of Senator Syed Shibli Faraz's family moved a motion to move unreliable resolutions to Mandviwala vice president. The motion was carried out by 34 members rising from their seats and casting their votes. In the strategic move, the opposition party decided to escape the vote. Therefore, 32 votes voted in favor of the rejected resolution.

However, five opponents threw the vote. They were Mandviwala, Rubina Khalid, Mohammad Ali Shah Jamote, Quratul Ain Marri (PPP) and Sajid Mir (PML-N). The house was officially signed.

Opposition reaction

After angry, opposition leaders vowed to uncover the element of responsibility for failure. Shahbaz Sharif Parliamentary opposition leader and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari PPP chairperson met at a previous meeting. Other leaders also discussed what went wrong with the meeting and how to proceed. 

Bhutto-Zardari said in a dialogue with reporters that measures would be taken against opposition senators who rejected party policy and frustrated the move that led to the agreement. We will look into the party to see which party has squeezed or yielded his conscience, and some timid Senator stabbed them from behind, and we will take them to work," he noted. did.

They should not think about the government

The move, which failed to gain his confidence, was stranded in the Senate, but the opposition said it would not "block the puppet government. They should not think that the government will make a common opposition away from us, we are convening a convention, we will fight this battle in the Senate, and we have reformed to ensure a transparent Senate election. We will look at these rules and oppose Senators, "Bhutto-Zardari said.

If this puppet government thinks it can steal equipment and steal it, it will not do so," he said. He said the opposition won "defeat" because he exposed the puppet theater and the senator. Bhutto-Zardari's secretary said all 21 PPP Senators have resigned on a moral basis. Shahbaz Sharif said the common opposition would try to uncover those who sold their conscience and revealed it.

He said these people weakened democracy and the parliamentary system. He said a multi-party conference will be held next week. He said the options discussed during the meeting will be discussed at the meeting and future action will be announced. The opposition has decided to raise its voices against the horse trade at every Senate session," he said.

Government reaction

Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for Information and Broadcasting, presents a bouquet of flowers to Senator Sadq Sanjrani on Thursday. After the meeting, Shibli Faraz, speaking to reporters, dismissed the allegations and said opposition lawmakers voted by conscience and respect for the dignity of the family. He said the opposition movement against Sanjrani was to avoid accountability, but said the anti-corruption movement will continue to be strengthened as well.

He said what happened today will help stabilize democracy. He said that Maulana Fazlur Rahman, chief executive of JUI-F, used major political parties during all brouhaha. The opposition movement has failed, we said that this will happen from day one, and we met with opposition leaders and explained that what they do is contrary to the reputation of this system and stability and destroys their spirit," Faraz said.

We went to Maulana Fazlur Rehman's house as part of a cultural tradition of visiting other people's houses to discuss the matter," he said, "as he announced a statement that seemed to have come to our rescue." "He could not even help himself," he added. Despite the lack of political leverage, he Maulana Fazl used this confidence movement for his politics and regrets the use of major political parties.

Meanwhile, a government spokesman, Firdous Ashiq Awan, regretted the opposition's protest when the opposition party did not express confidence in Senator Mandviwala's chairman. We completed the democratic process with the calculations in front of the camera. The Senator voted by conscience, and by secret ballot, he failed the concept of trust in the Senate chairman.

Champion of democracy

As soon as the next movement began, the" champion of democracy "was stained with ugly stains, and the opposition party re-revealed its true face, instead of continuing the voting process and giving the Senate the right to vote. Victory and defeat are part of the beauty of democracy, but the way the voters abstain from participating in voting, throwing a spanner at their work, or hurting the voting process, shows the folly of the opposition.

They have already tried to weaken the educational institutions with their foolish actions and bring their own results," they boycotted a movement that they knew well. She asked why the opposition party did not "vote" and if the vote did not gain one vote and the government did not stop it, the opposition showed its cowardly behavior to its vice president.

This proves that they do not keep democracy or keep the Constitution or the divine deity, they are only interested in their person, their interests, their assets and their property," he said.

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