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Senator Mirasha Khan Said About Important of Whether

Senator Mirasha Khan said that it is not important whether he or Senator Sadiq Sanjrani is a senator, but "a game with constitution and federation" would not be good for democracy. Mir Bizenjo, a former opposition candidate for the Senate chairman, who had no vote of confidence on Senator Sanjrani Thursday, spoke with the media before returning to Islamabad on Friday night. Stay in Karachi.

The spirit of the constitution founder shook

Prime Minister Vizenjo said in a question submitted to Congress, "If the Senator had established the constitution in this way, he would have pondered it." The spirit of the constitution founder shook. Sanjrani survived an important and unreliable move, with 14 opposition senators breaking the party leadership by either vetoing his resolution or deliberately wasting voting rights. His remarks on the Gujranwala court ISI chairman convened a senator.

Mir Bizenjo said he knows that money and pressure are being used to defeat the risk-free campaign against another question. "Horse trade is a tradition of Pakistani Tehreek-i-Insaf." He added that Jahangir Tareen's aircraft was flying in a similar fashion to that of the process during the formation of Punjab and the federal government last year. Do not trust Sanjrani.

The NP leader said opposition parties could have another unconfirmed consent for the Senate chairman. However, the decision will be made at a multilateral meeting within a few days. We are not interested in Sadiq Sanjrani, but we are concerned about those elements that want to undermine the Senate's reputation," he said in answering another question.

Mir Bizenjo said he was confident that all Senators in his party had voted for Mr. Sanjrani. But the opposition party must investigate Senators to resign from alleged loyalty, he said. If the opposition wants to break down the government, it will take less than a month," he said. "I think the government should warn one more time. Now the opposition has no choice but to protest."

On the other hand

The Gojulanwala court insisted that Senator Bizen, on August 8, is "the people" of the International Information Intelligence (ISI) chairman of the Person Information Service (ISI), following the uneasy opposition to the Senate. Further sessions Judge Tariq Saleem Chohan reported to Dawn.com that he accepted the petition hearing submitted by Manzoor Qadir Bhinder and summoned a report on the issue of the Gujranwala City Police Officer (CPO).

According to a petition that lost the Senate bill, Bizenjo issued a statement "unsubstantiated and false" against the heads of state agencies. Bhinder claimed it was an attempt to blame the key leadership of the Pakistani army. He asked the court to instruct a civilian police station to enroll the case in Gujranwala CPW for the case of Bizenjo (Bizenjo).

The Senate Secretary also received a notice to ensure Bizenjo's court appearance. The joint opposition last month submitted a resolution of confidence in Prime Minister Sanjrani and nominated Bizenjo as a nominee. On Thursday, the opposition party suffered a devastating defeat when three votes were dropped to remove the Senate chairman, despite having a comfortable majority in the Senate.

After the voting

After the vote, Prime Minister Billenjo left the Senate building. The journalist asked if he knew the 14 people who stated his party. Bizenjo was "the people of Gen Faiz." Do you know Faiz, the master of ISI? [They] were his people. A few hours later, ISPG Secretary General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor criticized the statement.

On Twitter, posted on Maj Gen Ghafoor 's official twitter account early on Friday morning, he said that Nietzschean remarks were "unfounded" and did not provide democracy. Fawad Chaudhry sparked Mr. Bizenjo's remarks in a shared post on Twitter.

He said: "Hasil Bazenjo is one of many who became heroes in the mass media and anti-Pak of the politicians and in the rebel sector, and is being abused and abused by sharp colleagues like Maulana Fazlur Rehman. His anger toward a highly respected officer is just rubbish.

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