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Prime Minister Imran Khan Said on Twitter

Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the Indian government to condemn the use of cluster munitions against civilians living near the LoC and to pay attention to the UNSC's "international threats to peace and security. I accuse India of attacking the LoC on the use of innocent civilians and armaments contrary to international humanitarian law and the Convention on Conventional Weapons of 1983.

The prime minister said on Twitter

The UN Security Council should pay attention to the threat of international peace and security. It is time to end the long night of suffering of the occupied Kashmir residents, and to exercise self-determination under the UNSC resolution." The only way to achieve peace and security in South Asia is through peaceful and peaceful areas, but only with the settlement of Kashmir. US Secretary of State Donald Trump emphasized that Imam had to use arbitration, referring to an offer to mediate on the Kashmir dispute, which India rejected and welcomed Pakistan.

Trump has proposed arbitration in Kashmir," he warned, "as the situation is deteriorating as new aggressive actions are taken by the occupying forces in India and in accordance with the LoC." "This has potential. I will fly. Lee 's remarks came after India began using cluster munitions for civilians living close to the LoC, with significant progress in the truce.

Over the past few days, several fatalities and injuries have occurred in the Neelum Valley, including minors, using community bombs. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Kuresi has contacted Oseaimeen, Secretary-General of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), to discuss "increasing the invasion of India in Kashmir," Radio Pakistan reported.

Kuresh criticized India's "use of brutal power against innocent Kashmirians," saying that India is ignoring international law by infringing human rights on the Kashmirians. He asked OIC to pay attention to this serious situation, and in response, Dr. Othaimeen was convinced to provide all the cooperation in this regard.

Earlier, Kuresi was chairman of the emergency council in Islamabad's Foreign Ministry and called on the international community and human rights monitors to announce the situation immediately. He also met with Azad Jammu and Raja Farooq Haider, Prime Minister of Kashmir, and dispatched more than 28,000 troops to India to flee Kashmir and flee tourists in the region.

Trump's mediation proposal

On July 22, in a joint press conference with Prime Minister Imran at the White House, the President of the United States asked if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently wanted to become an arbitrator or mediator in Kashmir. Imam immediately welcomed his remarks, saying, "If we can mediate in Kashmir, there will be a prayer of over a billion people. Trump 's statement caused a political storm in India. The opposition asked Demetrius why he asked the US president to act in rebellion and asked him to explain why he made such a request.

However, the government of India has not asked Trump to mediate Kashmir, and reaffirmed India 's traditional position that it will not accept third - party arbitration in disputes with Pakistan. On August 1, Trump proposed to mediate the Kashmir dispute between Pakistan and India. He told reporters he was willing to intervene, but the decision was up to the leaders of the two countries. But India again rejected Trump's proposal, stressing that discussions on disputes would be a bilateral relationship.

India has recently deployed at least 10,000 troops in occupied Kashmir, and has added an additional 25,000 media reports to Kashmir. There were about 500,000 Indian security forces already based in the region. The Indian government has also introduced other security measures, such as the need to rethink food and fuel around a "terrorist threat" claim. But opposition politicians in Kashmir and New Delhi have raised concerns that additional troops are being deployed for other reasons.

They have raised concerns that the government of the Hindu people of Narendra Ramudi can deprive Kashmir of special constitutional status. Political leaders within the territories warned that revoking constitutionally guaranteed rights, which means that only the country's residence can live on the land, could further amplify the instability of the Islamic majority.

Confidence in the Senate chairman

The opposition, which has lost confidence in the Senate chairman, is contemplating plans to protest Assad Kaiser's chairman on the grounds that he has not issued a production order for the arrested national legislators. An opposition member of the Pakistani People's Party (PPP) has asked Dawn in the past several days and in almost all meetings of the meeting in a courteous way, but now they are forced to give a production order to the legislators they arrested. Strategy.

Opponents have argued that the speaker is not issuing production orders because he is under direct pressure from Prime Minister Imran Khan during speeches and press conferences. In a Thursday session, Syed Naveed Qamar, chairman of the PPP parliament, said that there were no precedents in the history of Congress in the matter, and six MNAs withdrew simultaneously. Production orders for four MNAs issued but immediately withdrawn, PPP leader claims

In addition to former President Asif Zardari, other opposition lawmakers are also presidents of Shahid Khan an Abashiri, Pakistani Muslim League - Kawasajad Lafik of Nawawiz, Lana Sanalala and Waziristan, Mohammedawa, Ali There are two independent MNAs in Wazir. Naveed Qamar's criticism of the speaker, who had not issued a production order, angered Qasim Suri, the deputy chief who was sitting at the time.

The deputy commander even ordered Kamal's microphone to go out. When sub - dimension responded to Kamar 's speech, many of the PPP women gathered in front of his David with a placard bearing a request for production orders and started to post the slogan. Speaking at dawn on Monday, Qamar insisted that the speaker had issued production orders for four MNAs, including Zardari, on Monday afternoon, but the order was held for later unknown reasons.

What happened afterwards

The speaker has issued a production order for four people, but I do not know what happened afterwards," he said, adding that the order was sent to the authorities or withdrawn. 4 pm and withdrawal 5.45 pm. Qamar said in his response to the question, "I want to raise other important questions about the general public, especially recent government decisions, although I have the option to" completely disrupt "the parliamentary process" possible. " Oil prices rise.

The PPP leader said there were too many problems, such as inflation and free speech, that the opposition party wanted to discuss at the conference, but the government said it was not interested in running the parliament. He said he had not witnessed such a bad situation even during General Musharraf's military regime. But Kamal said the parliament was not functioning properly and on the other hand the speaker canceled the standing committee meeting.

He convened two meetings as chairman of the committee, but the speaker canceled it. He insisted that the speaker had no authority or authority to cancel the House Committee meeting convened by the Chairman. Meanwhile, PPP Information Secretary and Dr. Nafisa Shah added that the speaker did not issue an order because of "bad intentions" and added that the speaker "insulted" his job. Prime Minister Imran Khan does not have the courage to confront Asif Zardari.

Dr. Shah said the production order is not a concession but a member's right. She said the "elected government" did not want to see any discussion taking place in Congress. She said government ministers "misbehaved" when the opposition raised public issues. Despite the attempt, the speaker could not contact Qamar to get his reaction to the cancellation of the production order.

The opposition party is expected to raise the issue of production order again on Monday (today) when the rally begins after the two-day recess. The National Assembly Secretariat announced 16 agendas for sitting.

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