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Boris Johnson Lost his First Test as Prime minister

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost his first test as prime minister on Friday after the pro-European Union (EU) kicked off his rival in a by-election that dropped one-to-one majority of his congress. Thursday's vote in the sheep farming community in Brecon and Radnorshire is a strong choice between Johnson's Brexit-backing candidate and the Liberal Democrats seeking to keep Britain's 40-year stay in the European Union.

Johnson visited the area to help Chris Davies

A conservative lawmaker who resigned after being caught up in the Tuesday scandal. Although Davis protested his disapproval and objected again, the Liberal Democratic Party's Jane Dodds received 13,826 votes in Davies's 12,401 votes after two pro-European Union (EU) parties were convened. The results extend the recent revival of the LDP at the expense of the main party.

A firm stance on the division between the UK and the European Union was surprisingly second to the Nigel Farage, the pagelian Euro-party, in the May parliamentary elections in the Brexit Party. Farage's nominees received 3,331 votes from the Conservative party. The opposition Labor Party, once dominant in Wales, was fourth with only 1680 people.

When I arrived in Westminster, when I first breathe and talk, I have to find Boris Johnson everywhere, play with the future of our community, and exclude Brexit. This election was seen as a test of the strength of the "Boris Bounce", which helped the Conservative Party recover a steep lead in some national polls.

The control of Brecon and Radnorshire has been shaken by the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives since the 1990s. It won 52 percent to leave the EU in the 2016 vote - reflecting the overall results of the United Kingdom. But the debate over Davis has turned this out into an exceptional contest that does not reflect the true level of broad support of Johnson or Brexit.

Johnson is in danger of not being able to control the corridor at a major congress in his scheduled departure to the UK on October 31. Parliamentarians are already planning a way to control the threat of leaving the country with two deadlines without a divorce.

Johnson must be able to pass legislation

Johnson must be able to pass legislation to make the potentially confusing "no - deal" results as smooth as possible, and pass a compromise that will cause a sudden conflict with Brussels. The 650-seat chamber is fractured and sometimes includes MPs that switch sides or abstain at critical moments. This led Johnson to rely on the volatility of a small number of legislators at the most important point in British history since World War II.

Since Britain's first decision to leave in June 2016, fears about negotiations on the no-trade deal have pushed the pound to its lowest level. The Bank of England warned that a dull decline this year will cause the pound to fall further and the growth rate to fall from about 1.5pc to 1.3pc this year.

Brexit Promo Blitz

The downturn in Pound reflects the widespread business instability in both the UK and major trading partners in Europe. The Johnson government is making efforts to show that the country is ready for some consequences in its negotiations with Brussels. Treasury Secretary Sajid Javid announced an additional £ 2.1bn on Wednesday to prepare to leave unanimously.

Politico reported that some of the money would be used for a European-level media blitz, including an advertisement in major continental newspapers that would convince the EU government of the strength of the UK's no-deal resolution. Some analysts have questioned whether a significant portion of funding was new and whether it will actually be used for 90 days prior to Brexit.

Javid said on Thursday: "We have to prepare because we leave on October 31. John McDonnell, a spokesman for the Labor Party, said the money was "a waste of taxpayers' cash. The Labor Party's Labor Party, which leads the Congress's consumer watchdog, vowed to investigate how money is being used.

Japanese parliament held a special session

Japanese parliament held a special session Thursday with the most diverse Senators, including elected women, two severely disabled, and the first publicly gay men. The newly rising Emperor Naruto read the scroll at a ceremony attended by both houses. Workers took off their chairs in the Senate to create space for wheelchair users of two disabled people, Eiko Kimura and Yasuhiko Funago.

The elections on July 21 led to a change in Japan 's attitude, which has hid the disabled for a long time. Funago scans the letters in Japanese before his eyes and says, "Many people have been surprised to come," through an aide who follows the eye movement. I will try to meet people's expectations. I am afraid that Fuji, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Funago), progressive disease (loss of muscle) ALS and cerebral palsy Kimura are a small opposition party, Ray and Shinsengumi.

In the general election last month, the total number of women in the 245-seat Senate increased from 28 to 23, with 56 female respondents. But in a more powerful underclass, women account for only 10% of the 465. In two conference rooms, women account for 14.5% and are less than the global average of 24.3%. This is UEFA data.

Also at the opening ceremony was Ishikawa Taiga Ishikawa, the first publicly gay male MP in the United States. He took his place with the support of the Japanese Constitutional Democratic Party, the opposition opposition party, which made diversity a slogan of propaganda. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Goh Mito of the National Assembly have dominated the majority of congressional houses.

In addition to taking out the seat, this week's Senate renovation included adding electrical outlets for medical devices and computers, eliminating steps and building a temporary ramp to the main entrance. Disability experts say the Kimura and Funago elections are a welcome development.

But even though Japan is preparing to hold the Olympics next year after the Olympics, more changes are needed. People with physical or mental disabilities and those with mental disabilities account for about 8 percent of the Japanese population.

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