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Afghanistans Taliban Has Reached an 80 Percent Agreement

Saturday, Afghanistan 's Taliban has reached an 80 - percent agreement with American talks, but the deadline for withdrawing foreign troops from Afghanistan is still a key issue. We have agreed on 80% of the problem, the remaining 20% ​​of which include a timetable for withdrawing foreign troops from Afghanistan and another issue," said Suhail Shaheen, the Taliban spokesman in Doha.

The Taliban insists on negotiations with US

Shahin said he did not say what the "other problem" is, but said it is not a minor issue as the US forces leave Afghanistan. The Taliban insists on negotiations with US negotiators on the 80pc issue and prepares for talks in Afghanistan at a later stage. Afghan Reconciliation Speaks to US negotiators headed by US Special Representative Jamal Khalilzad when he meets Afghan Taliban in Doha, Qatar on Saturday.

The recent talks are believed to be important, with new optimism for breakthroughs in the time frame for the US withdrawal to end 18 years of bloody conflict in Central Asian countries. A Taliban spokesman said, "We are still optimistic." We hope to confirm the agreement at this talks. "But he added that Americans made such signs early.

He noted a recent report that the Trump Administration wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan before the 2020 election, reducing its existing 14,000 troops by 50 percent. Trump did not disclose the US 's objection to the US military presence in Afghanistan. The US Army took the lives of about $ 900 billion and 2,400 soldiers to the US Army.

Americans are showing such signs, but so far, they have not put any kind on the table or paper," the spokesman said. "The timeline is more important and I hope the decision will be made at the talks. Asked if the Taliban in Afghanistan would agree with the request for a ceasefire and the start of talks in Afghanistan related to the Afghan government.

The spokesman said the spokesman said that all the issues would only be discussed when a peace treaty was signed with the United States. We are aware of the importance and importance of Afghan dialogue and intervention in Afghanistan, but discussions will be held when we have peace agreements with Americans," Shahin said.

Agreement with the Americans

The agreement with the Americans is partial, and the second part will begin when we agree with the foreign troops withdrawing from Afghanistan," he said. He made it clear that the Afghan Taliban did not recognize the Kabul government. "We do not recognize the Kabul government, but we will recognize Iran as a party to the dispute and participate in dialogue in Afghanistan as well as many other Afghan authorities. But this will only happen when the US branch is closed (in Afghanistan).

We can start talks in Afghanistan to discuss the truce and other issues," Shahin said. Asked if the Taliban in Afghanistan had received an official invitation from Islamabad, the spokesman said so far there has been no such dialogue. "We have not been formally invited from Islamabad so far. We send our delegation to another foreign capital, so when we get an official invitation, we will send the team to Islamabad," the spokesman explained.

Pakistan's foreign ministry said it is pushing to send an official invitation to Afghanistan's Taliban office in Doha to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan. Khan, who recently visited Washington, invited the Taliban in Afghanistan to Islamabad and urged them to sit down with the government. A similar overture in Pakistan against Kabul's meeting with the Taliban in Afghanistan came as a problem earlier this year and the meeting had to be canceled.

Khan pointed out that Pakistan could solve Kabul's worries and that Afghanistan no longer objected. Asked if the Taliban would consider requesting direct negotiations with Kabul, the spokesman said that their policy remains unchanged. One thing can not happen without the other," he said. "Our stated policy is that when Afghanistan agrees with Americans about the withdrawal of foreign troops, the dialogue in Afghanistan will begin immediately.

Gujranwala Additional Session Tariq Saleem Chohan said

The people of Chief of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Faiz Hameed, accused him of supporting the pernicious failure of the opposition party, on 8 August, Senator Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo Called. Vote against Senator Sadiq Sanjrani. Johan accepted a petition submitted by renowned lawyer Manzoor Qadir Bhinder and convened a report on the issue of the Gujranwala City Police Officer (CPO).

According to the petition, Bizenjo, who lost the Senate seat, issued a statement "unsupported and false" against the heads of state agencies. Bhinder claimed that this was an attempt to blame the key leadership of the Pakistani army. He asked the court to enroll the Gujranwala CPA in the Civil Lines Police Station for the Bizenjo case.

The Senate Secretary also sent a Bizenjo court appearance notice. The joint opposition last month submitted unreliable resolutions on Sanjrani and nominated Bizenjo as a nominee. On Thursday, the opposition party suffered a devastating defeat when three votes were dismissed to dismiss the Senate chairman, despite having a comfortable majority in the Senate.

When the vote was over and Bizenjo walked out of the Senate building, the journalists asked if the Senator knew of the 14 turncocks that voted against the party's position. Bizenjo replied: "These are the people of Gen Faiz. Do you know Gen Faiz, ISI Chair? Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor accused the statement on Friday.

Earlier today, on Twitter posted to Maj Gen Ghafoor's official Twitter account, the ISPR chief said Bizenjo's remarks were "unfounded" and did not provide democracy. In a posting shared on Twitter, Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry blamed Bizenjo's remarks.

He said: "Hasil Bazenjo is one of many who became heroes in the mass media and anti-Pak of the politicians and in the rebel sector, and is being abused and abused by sharp colleagues like Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

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