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A Special Adviser to The Prime Minister

Firdous Ashiq Awan, a special adviser to the prime minister, said the government will not form a media court without the will of the media. The government has no intention of forcing media courts into the media," he said at a press conference Friday. She said that the draft of the media bill prepared by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has been shared with the Pakistani Broadcasting Association.

The All Pakistani Newspaper Association

The All Pakistani Newspaper Association and the Pakistani Newspaper Editorial Committee to find their point of view. Dr. Awan said that when the media court was established, 1,157 Pemra cases, media organizations and journalists could be disbanded in a short period of time. She said the idea of ​​media courts is to correct the problems of the media house and their workers and not to deter media freedom.

The past ruler saw the misuse of the PIA, Asked why the media reports of opposition leaders, including Vice President PML-N, Maryam Nawaz, were blocked during the "Black Day" observed by the opposition on the first anniversary of the 2018 general election, Dr Awan pointed out that the government's restrictions like Pemra are independent and autonomous And made their own decisions in light of the court ruling.

Asked whether Chief Justice Jahangir Tareen intervened in government affairs despite the Supreme Court's disqualification, she said there was a big difference between Tareen and Maryam Nawaz. . "Maryam is convicted, and Tareen is a disqualified person, so she can attend government meetings. She said Prime Minister Imran Khan ordered all prisoners to be treated equally for the government's decision to remove air conditioning from former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's room.

PIA Controversy

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been misused by the rulers of PPP and PML-N, Awan said. She has used the frontier carrier as a "rickshaw rickshaw" for the past 10 years and has turned 21 PIA flights over the last 10 years. PM's adviser said that 45 PIA flights will take relatives and maidens to a different destination from 2015 to 2017, which should pay an additional Rs. 594 million. She said the prime minister had decided to recover from former rulers who spent money on private visits and treatments.

Dr Awan argued that the government has streamlined the PIA work and is now moving from a lost company to a profitable organization. "This year's PIA revenue has increased by 34%. She said the government has decided to send the PIA's misuse to a newly formed investigative committee. She said the prime minister ordered the officials involved to submit the current government's expenditure to the Council of Ministers.

PM Khan also asked for details of his 10-month spending," he added. In response to the government's decision to send five regulators, including the Pakistani Information and Communication Authority, the Radio Frequency Allocation Committee, oil and gas regulators, the national electricity regulator and the public procurement regulator, to the Cabinet Office, To provide one window facility.

A month after FIFA announced

The appointment of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) normalization committee, the world football community said it would dispatch its Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and Pakistan delegation in mid-August. Work your way. FIFA, in a breakthrough decision at the end of June, established the PFF's normalization committee to normalize the national soccer elections and ultimately ends the four-year crisis and stops in the country.

The committee is also responsible for conducting PFF work in the meantime, and will face races for a nine-month term to reduce district elections to the PFF presidential election after first monitoring the club. FIFA and AFC are working to establish a PFF normalization committee," FIFA spokesman said. The FIFA / AFC delegation will visit Pakistan in mid-August and proceed with further steps in this process. Additional details will be delivered on time.

FIFA and AFC met with Pakistani football officials at the end of May, and sent a delegation that determined that the normalization committee was the only solution to the crisis. FIFA meant that FIFA had reinstated the previous order that the PFF led by Faisal Saleh Hayat had ratified the PFF regulation by March 2020 and decided to hold the election.

Pakistani soccer representative in Korea

Hayat, however, was not recognized as a Pakistani soccer representative in Korea. The title belongs to Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah, who was elected president of the PFF in the election in December of the Supreme Court order. The election culminated almost four years of legitimate fighting to control Pakistan's football, but FIFA was not accepted and FIFA found it early.

An upcoming delegation visit is expected to meet FIFA and AFC officials with candidates from the normalization committee proposed by Hayat and Sha Group. Members of the committee will also be screened. Well-placed sources told Dawn that 10 names (some of which are current soccer officials) could use four slots as members of the committee. The committee chair is appointed by FIFA.

The Supreme Court on Thursday

The Supreme Court angered the local authorities that the National Center for Performing Arts (Napa) was to work on the premises of the Hindu Gymkhana and summon the general secretary and cultural secretary at the next hearing. The three judges, led by judge Gulzar Ahmed, also questioned the construction of a new Sindh building to build the historic building of the provincial council building.

A bench composed of Supreme Court Justice Mushir Alam and Sajjad Ali Shah received a petition from the Shri Late Nessh and Mahadev Ministry of Health in 2014 to ban the building of the Hindu Gymkhana (where Napa is located) I complained to local officials. Building Architecture I mentioned how buildings can be allowed on the premises.

Chief Justice Ahmed warned that such a building in the Hindu Gymkhana district would be demolished and it would be time for the next secretary general and the general secretary to answer in the next hearing. The Sindh Assembly building is a public place, and people can visit them, the Apex court judge said.

Chief Justice Ahmad and Judge Shah also addressed various questions about how the new building was raised in the building before the Sidh assembly, and the cost of building the new building and the height of its surrounding walls. Public buildings are public spaces and can be visited public buildings, he added.

Chief Justice Ahmed also added that there are no such peripheral walls in national and three-state parliament buildings, and high and high court buildings. The vice president claimed that a new parliament building was built as the number of local council members increased. Ahmed said the new building was not built in the Punjab general assembly building.

The petitioner claimed

The petitioner claimed that the cultural heritage belonged to the Hindu community of Karachi as a gymnasium was established to promote Hindu social and religious activities, but the government regarded it as a refugee trust property after the division. Thus, the petitioner claimed to be able to command Napa to vacate the building and direct it to the Hindu society.

In the final hearing, the additional advocate added that September 2005 sites were leased to Napa for 30 years and Sindh High Court ruled in favor of Napa. While deferring orders from the High Court, the same bench on Thursday restricted local officials from hiring more staff in the Health Department of the Mirpurkhas area until the next hearing.

When a question of alleged corruption was raised, Deputy Prime Minister Mirpurkhas declared that the notification was illegal, because 304 people were recruited for 27 posts in 2015 and the promise was illegal. The petitioner 's lawyer claimed it was unfair to send recruited employees home. Judge Shah said jobs are being offered against money, and people are buying after-sale livestock. 

When the judicial authorities asked what actions were taken against those responsible for the illegal appointment, the vice advocate said that the local health authority who recruited recruits had retired and that the case was registered against the heads of anti - corruption facilities.

The interim order allowed the bench to prevent local authorities from making more commitments by the next day, and the officials asked them to attend the next hearing with a detailed explanation.

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