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A Meeting Held at a Hotel in Karachi a Few Days Ago

The agreement failed to develop among the various trade organizations in the city for the Post Eidul Azha strike given by all Pakistani Markazi Anjuman Tajiran (APMAT). Some organizations emphasized that "sustained dialogue with the government should be a desirable path.

Bring all the trade

A meeting held at a hotel in Karachi a few days ago, was required to bring all the trade apparatuses on one page in addition to obtaining support for the national shutdown on August 15-16, 2019. But so far it has not been solved. Due to the split between the trade organizations, Karachi witnessed a partial closure of the market and shopping centers on July 13.

Sharjeel Gopalani A member of the Karachi Tajir Action Committee (KTAC) will meet with Shabbar Zaidi, chairman of the FBR House in Islamabad on Monday, to discuss budgetary measures and negative effects on trade. Asked if he would support the request to stop the nationwide shootings from August 15th to 16th, he added.

We believe we will have discussions with the FBR to solve the problem." APMAT intimidator Mir Kashif Chaudhry did not contact him about the strike call decision. Sharjeel also argued that KTAC members, who meet the FBR chairman, also include market representatives who closed their stores on July 13. He said he would hold meetings on 11 issues in addition to various SROs because trade and business activities were adversely affected.

We are also not happy with the proposed fixed tax system," he added. Mohammad Irfan Rizwan The Karachi Association for Electronic Commerce (KEDA) said that for the first time, he trusted members and decided to attend KTAC's Monday meeting. The Electronics Market in Karachi saw a full shutter on July 13th.

trade associations of Karachi

It is true that the various trade associations of Karachi do not take a unified stand on harsh budgetary measures and all associations have their own agenda. "Many traders said the government did not solve the problem that caused the business community after 2019-20. Some traders were out of the strike on July 13. These groups had meetings with government representatives and merchants from other camps blocked the shutters to support the bodies of Punjab merchants.

Chair Karachi Tajir Itehad (AKTI), Atiq Mir, said there was no information on the FBR meeting with KTAC. But he expected the FBR president to come to a variety of problems before the national shut down next week in Karachi. The government has to file some amendments," he said, noting that the merchant would not pay a fixed tax per square foot of the store, but instead the FBR should make it easier to levy a fixed tax on retail sales.

He said the trade representatives claimed that the government had solved major issues and said that some members of KTAC could not understand whether they were willing to meet the FBR director. One of the key issues for ending Eid is to provide CNIC with a prerequisite to sell and purchase trading products over 50,000 Rs. But so far, the trade organization is not prepared to comply with this requirement.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiq Khawaja Mohammad Shafiq said on Thursday that he will meet all market representatives in Karachi and will truly succeed in closing the post-market. He said the feedback from Karachi trade representatives will be more important for future strategy.

Mir said he would try to contact other people if he complained that he had been in regular contact with Atiq Mir, Mohammad Rizwan, and Jamil Paracha, but had not been reached. To a group of traders who met the FBR chairman on Monday, he said he had no knowledge.

He admitted on July 13 that the strike in Karachi remained partly due to differences between the trade organizations. Kashif Chaudhry, the Pakistani president, said some members of the Karl Tajir Action Committee (KTAC) are in contact with all Karachi trade organizations to support a nationwide shootout after Eid.

Complaining about the contact, he said. I tried to bring them on a page, and I intend to strengthen my efforts for merchants' unified strikes on Karachi on Sunday.

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